Does anyone own a bird or two?


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Sep 7, 2007
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Southern Ontario, Canada
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I breed and exhibit birds and I have been for 3 years (I just started exhibiting this year though). I have some cockatiels, budgies, lovebirds....what about you guys. Does anyone own a bird on here? :lol: Post some pictures please :)
Hi Joey,
Yes, my wife Cathy and I bred and raised parrots for about 20 years. Still have about 20 big birds as pets. At one time with all the breeders and babies we hade well over 400 Tiels to Macaws. We started out with Finches and Lovebirds and moved to Cockatoos and Macaws. Now we have a Tiel, African Greys, Cockatoos, Blue and Gold Macaws, a Greenwing Macaw, a Military Macaw, and a couple of Yellow Collared Macaws. In my sig line is a link to my pbase account where there are pics of a few of them. Glad to see someone else who is a bird lover here. Corry, one of the Mods here has or had a B&G macaw also. My favorites are the big Macaws, Cathy's favorites are the Cockatoos. Great gentile giants all. When I started going into Kidney failure again about 5 years ago, we started cutting back on the breeders while keeping the pets. About a year ago I received my second transplant but don't have plans as of yet to get back into breeding the birds. A lot of that space will be a studio soon I hope.
Ya, I've got a cockatiel and a lovebird.
I would love a Cockatoo but so expensive and too loud for where I live (not loud for me) I can't live without chirping and screaming of a bird I have gotten that used to it.

It would be my neighbors. You should really get back into it, having big birds. Rain forests are being ruined as we speak we need to breed alot more big parrots.

Buszaj? Are you Hungarian? I ask because Buszaj is Hungarian and I'm Hungarian LOL
lol, no, i'm Polish. Busza last name, j for first name.
I don't currently have birds but growing up I used to have budgies. We used to have this 1 budgie who was funny as hell! He had broken his wings some time before we got him and the owner didnt go get them fixed, so he couldn't fly. He was full of life though and used to run and dive bomb off of tables and stuff!

Critters are so cool. We have or have had several handicapped parrots. They live life without thinking about their handicap. They just adapt and live there life. In captivity, they don't have to fear predators, so they can most often live a long and full live. We all could learn for that lesson I believe. One of our Congo Greys has no feet and runs around on the floor. One leg is gone below the knee or hock and the other is from above the hock. We call him "Widdle Waddles". He lives in my office, when I go to the kitchen he beats me there. Runs past me to get to the food first. Maybe we should have called him Little Beggar Boy, but we would need to call them all something like that. He has no idea he is handicapped at all. Critters don't look at the past and think "Poor me, I have this or that issue" and whine about it. They look at "I want to do this or that" and they just do it. I once read that to say a parrot has a short attention span is to say they even have an attention span. That might be one reason they don't dwell on the past. :)
Recently I was staying at a friends house and she had 2 birds in a cage, I cant remember what kind she said they were, but by 2AM I wanted to pop their heads off like the gasman did to Peety on Dumb&Dumber. Why anyone would want to share their home with something that makes so much racket is beyond my understanding. (i wouldnt really hurt any animals btw)
My friends mum kept love birds. LOTS of them. Sleep-overs were nightmare!
After a while you don't hear them..... Really! (I do have a significant loss of hearing in both ears. Not sure if it was the competitive pistol shooting, shooting live bands, or the birds.) All joking aside, there constant chatter, squawking or just noise we don't really pay any attention anymore.
They are very loud in the morning when its sunny out, so we just let them out to fly around, then they quiet down and visit our bedrooms. Even though they may be loud, its worth having them though.
Yeap I am going to see a specialist for my ears and I am only 16 lol

They do damage but I like em and couldn't live without them. I'm really happy to see that you guys care about birds and thats awsome that you care for handicap parrrots, even with no legs they would be able to adapt with their beak. Thats awsome.
Ya, our little no-foot guy runs on his "knees" with perfect balance. Just barely uses the tip of his tail to keep from tipping backwards when he's walking/running. He has no idea he has any issues.

i have zebra finches and canaries :)
i breed zebras more becoz they r easier :p

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