Does the lens flare work here?


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Nov 13, 2008
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I saw a picture online which was very similar to this effect and I've been trying to get something similar of a look. This is how mine came out from today's shoot. The sun was behind her coming through the trees. I also played with lens flare and got the final result. Let me know if it placed correctly? Color, brigness and contrast were intentional. Thanks

It's too bright and the wrong color. It really detracts from the model's face.
Thanks I never do the flare I will try to work on it some more. Maybe change size and location would be better.
OK, re arranged size and location. I think this looks a lot better.

I like them both.
so this is done post?
Was it taken at night?
How did you get the background so dark?
I like them both.
so this is done post?
Was it taken at night?
How did you get the background so dark?

Thanks! Like the 2nd one better IMO, just cuz it's coming from the corner and not quiet in the middle you know? Thought it was disttracting a bit. I just finished rest of her pix and put them on FB :D

Remember that look you wanted and I guess I had posted something here and you loved the effect so much?? It was one of them that inspired me or the shot. I think it was from a magazine. But I had to do some PP for the effect, it was taken around 5:45pm but in the middle of the trail so it was pretty dark there but had sun glare coming through the tree so I had her stand infront of it and got a few shots. This one was the winner. The background was dark already but then I used a vingette effect and VOLA!
Sorry, this isn't working for me at all. There's lens flare, but the actual light source looks like a lightbulb and is unattractive and distracting. I can't even see a tree in the background and the illuminated area looks like a large smudge. I don't mean to be so hypercritical, it just doesn't work in my opinion.
Yeah I realized that, the trees were too dark. I did another edit, this is the last one, I'm moving on from this image after this.

IMO, the first was about as close as you could have gotten. Her face looks lit from the front which the flare comes from a different direction. I do like the concept, but the shadows give this one away too much
Mo... Try your 50mm prime next time. It has really nice lens flare. To me I don't see a flare at all. All I see is light coming in.
Shoot your Canon 50/1.8 toward the flares like a bastard...big,huge,heavy flare is typical from that lens design. On this shot, the sickly yellowish-green color that permeates the shot is quite unappealing to me. The flare or fake flare is not too bad-looking, but the overall color palette of the shot is just not agreeable to me.
Your bigger problem here are your levels. Try going into Photoshop and setting the white and black points and adjust the midtones to what looks best to you. This will help the hazy look. Also, a slight adjustment in color balnce will take care of the yellow cast. Add a litttle blue counter balanced with cyan...just a smidge should do it.
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