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Nov 9, 2008
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Upstate New York
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I got a new puppy a couple weeks ago and today she decided to play with my older, much larger, dog's bone. I played around with the positioning of the bone to the dog and whatnot(not an easy feat with an energetic puppy running after it that is easily distracted :greenpbl:). Look for some general C&C, still working on my B&W conversions, lighting (all natural here), ect. Enjoi!

Hehe -- so cute! Also... what size is your BIG dog to have such a bone?!

Anyhow, I think the B&W conversion came off well. Perhaps you could tweak the contrast a bit with curves to bring out the grain in the floor, but I wouldn't worry about it.
The composition works very well. The B&W conversion actually looks more like a mono-chrome seems on the brownish side. Good capture.
Thanks for the comments, I see what you mean about the curves and the brownish tint, I'll play around with that today.

My BIG dog is an akita (japanese guarddog), around 135 lbs. She doesnt really eat the bone like my little dog, but she does like to play with it :).
THe akita doesnt look to me look that big of a dog (I googled them!)......soo what kind of of puppy is that litte?! lol

I like this--the black and white works very well for this shot.
Try saying that with a 135 lb one running at you :lmao:

Haha exactly! :lol: (not my dog, but I dont have a good scale photo of her- Akita)
This puppy is a little 6 week old Dockson (dachshund) named Noodles (by my little sister).
That dachshund puppy probably fits in the akita's mouth.
Haha yea, at first we had some close calls :confused: aka my akita having the entirety of Noodles head in its mouth, but now they are pretty nice to each other :thumbup:

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