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Donating! Soligor 80-200 f/3.8 AI for Nikon


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Jun 7, 2012
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Before the busy weekend, I decided to dig something out of the closet to donate.
found this...Soligor MC 80-200 f/3.8 AI macro zoom lens for Nikon F mount.
everything works great on this lens. some very minor internal dust.
front and rear element are EX, very little barrel wear.
this is a push/pull, manual focus zoom lens. barrel zooms smooth, focus is smooth, aperture ring is smooth and clicks into each position. (damn it...Ive said "smooth" too many times rereading this post and now saying "smooth" sounds weird to me...)
aperture blades are clean. Focus assist works great with this lens on my D7100 and D7000.
comes with front and rear lens caps that don't fit very well, as well as a 58mm UV filter (which I would just throw away)

sooo...yea. lens looks and works great.
Just to remind everyone, this is a manual focus, push/pull zoom lens. no autofocus, only focus ASSIST per your camera.
post in this thread if you are interested, with your current gear list and what you would like to do with this lens.
Submissions posted without a camera and lens list will not be considered.
me and the wife reserve the right to alter the conditions or cancel this donation at any time for any dumb old reason.
PM's or Emails for this lens may or may not get considered.


so..maybe I should have noticed this earlier, but I didn't so...here it is now.
as you might notice by the pictures I took...where it says macro on the barrel, it goes from 1:3.8 to 1:6.
the TOP of the lens shows it as 80-200 1:3.8.
but, the aperture ring goes to f/2.8
I cant find anything on Google on a soligor 80-200 f/2.8 so, someone is own their own with this one. with no electronics, i cant see what the camera is saying it is.
if anyone is familiar with this guy, I would sure be interested in some information on it.
whatever the case may be, anyone who has put in for it, or was thinking about it, can adjust their interest accordingly.

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Soligor... Wasn't he in Lord of the Rings?
I spent a bit of time tonight on the Manual Focus Forum, looking through this thread. So...Soligor 1:2.8 f=28mm -- 21+ Versions

It appears that the 3 in the serial # represents the manufacturer, Sun. The 8 represents the decade, meaning the 1980's. And that makes total sense, since the lens has an Ai-S "speed notch" milled into the back of the mount...visible just above the 9 o'clock position in Photo #1.

Soligor was the name of the "brand" and "importer", and they sold lenses made by multiple other firms.
Well... I'll put my name in the hat.

I don't have anything with this much reach yet, let alone a Macro. I would... respectfully, shoot the hell out of this fine piece of classic Japanese glass, in which I could only assume was forged in the depths of Mt. Shiretoko's active magma chamber, long, long ago.

When I am done and the lens is replaced, I will pass it on to my brother, who enthusiastically just bought his first DSLR (D3200, thataboy) and has returned my beloved and bruised Minolta XE-7

I thank the closet gods for being so generous this Natsu. :hail:

May the force be with you all...

Edit: I apologize I did not notice this the first time around.

Camera and Lenses:
Nikkor 85mm 1.8G
Nikkor 50mm 1.4 Ai
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Name: Daryll Morgan

Code name: DGMPhotography

Mission: Secure and maintain beautiful Soligor lens.

I believe with this lens I could become a regular Zeus in manual mode. On the off chance that makes absolutely no sense, suffice it to say, I love shooting manually for the extra speed provided, and skill required, and not currently having a lens with this kind of reach/distance, I would throw as many lightning bolts as I could with it (take pictures).

If my Greek mythology hasn't yet convinced you I am worthy, I only hope my continued perseverance can at one point sway your decision with this or future donations. You are a gentleman and a scholar, pixmedic. Thank you for your consideration.

P.S. I shoot with a Nikon D5100 and kit lens, and 50mm prime, with some basic equipment and entry-level Manfrotto tripod. I love shooting people, events/performances, and landscapes. I think this lens would cater to my needs rather nicely, and you, if having a hunger for awesome images, cater to yours as well.

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Id love to get in on this, this is the only forum Ive ever been on that has this much respect between entusiusts and generosity. Youre doing a really nice thing for people. I shoot with a D5100 and have an 18-55mm lens as my only lens. Thanks for your consideration.
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Monday bump!
finally off shift and home.
get a whole ONE day off, and im back on shift tomorrow.
good times.
i will wrap this one up soon, so if your interested, please read the post carefully and submit your interest in this thread.
Oooo been looking to do more macro stuff and this seems like a good lens to try that out.

Gear list:
riding crop
2 ball gags...Whoops wrong list

nikon d300
Battery grip thing
A Bag
some stands and boxes

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