Don't miss this flying water hose contraption!

I would have thought though (with the pressure from those jets) that a guard would have to be worn on the back of the legs to avoid injury. I know normal pressure hoses have warnings not to shoot at skin - with those jets it could very easily stip your fleash off!
AFAIK, it will be available at $128,000. It was posted to the RC forum I am on. For that price, there is something that I would rather have, in which I indeed do absolutely want....

The Icon A5, only $139,000. Far more versatile. And I really want one.
Agreed the price is so wrong... and that plane is a beaut! Looks like a Lexus interior.

I'm thinking we will see some DIY versions, and skin removal soon enough. Couple jet skies, some fire hose,.. you ride it not me!


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