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Jun 30, 2009
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Northern California
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step on in...

took this photograph while I was in downtown Seattle. I thought it had awesome colors and textures that I couldn't pass by without a shot! Tell me what you guys think.


I like the idea, but a couple observations:

Partial grate on the upper left and slice of blue floor on bottom right are distracting. Could be fixed with more thought to cropping.

Significant lens distortion which is very apparent on the right and make the photo seem like it's crooked. You seem to have shot slightly from the left. Not that this is bad, but there's not enough to be a creative element and just enough to look like an accident and so is another distraction.

The door is the ugliest part and is too centered in the composition.

The white thing hanging down is another distraction that doesn't help the composition much.

Sorry to sound overly critical. I do think it was a good idea, but I think you just missed on a few too many things.
I like it too - it does seem a little tilted, but cropping in PS allows rotation, so this should be easy to fix. While you're at it, decentering the door a little would be good, as pointed out earlier. The partial grate and sidewalk don't bother me, though, because this sort of image always has a partial something in it. You could darken and/or partially desaturate the sidewalk to make it less conspicuous.
Does come off as tilted but I do like it. Great texture and color. Yeah "Punk" like lol.
Personally I like it. The composition is essentially three rectangles, so the whole door being too balanced for the composition isn't really am issue. If it was just the door then centering it would have been too much balance and boring.

Both sides have valid points about the lens distortion.

I would probably up the contrast in post to enhance the texture.
I think the original was a great grab!
Awesome pic.. Love it .. I can picture a girl wearing a punk'ed outfit and/or one of those tutu's w/ stripped stockings..hmm .. lol
End of the day the pic is fine. It's ur art.

thank you! :mrgreen: I just really like the texture and colors! i think there awesome.

I think people are starting to neat pick stuff to be honest. I saw the shot, loved it. Yeah, there are shots that are totally wrong and really, if you really want to, you can make about 95% of the pictures that are around with some type of mistake. So its pointless to look at little things here and there and complain about what's wrong with it when the whole picture itself is just perfect. That's how I look at it. You did great. I'd love to see a wall like that around DC so I can have some nice model shots in front of it :mrgreen:

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