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Dec 11, 2006
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I was picking out some pix for a friend to add to his presentation on Laos and came across these few.
Last February, we had planned a route in north central Laos through Nong Khiaw specifically to make the the next leg of our trip a boat ride down the Nam Ou (Ou River) to the river town of Muong Noi.

The Ou, like most of the rivers in Laos, is quite shallow and rocky; the river beds are carved through the karst hills, thus there are spectacular sights along the river side.


We had the choice of going on the 'group' boat for the 6 hour ride, where we would crouch and rest our buttocks on the edges of 2 x 4s. That PITA would quickly erase any pleasure from the scenery.


So, the two of us, along with a charming French couple, rented a boat for the trip. (4 people 6 hours, ~ $120 total)
Relaxing on quite comfy repurposed truck seats; we waved graciously to the other boats crammed with uncomfortable backpackers and got mostly snarls in routine.

Many of the towns along the way are reachable only by boat and, as we would pass, the people would give us a long look. The buffalo tended to ignore us unless we landed.



These villages survive by either subsistance farming or fishing (or both). The poles in the back are to air the cast nets the fisherman use.


We were strange beasts, big and tall and an odd color so we were the targets of some searching looks from the children playing.


No child can resist smiling when a big, odd stranger catched her looking and sticks out his tongue.

I really love #7 (the last one).

I hope somebody will nominate this for POTM, August, 2015. I have maxed my quota for the month.

My reasons: Two sparkling personalities in one shot. Perfectly timed, good frame and light.

Worth a nom, folks.
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#1 is bizarre and you could do more with it. The fisherman needs a lightened face. The child pictures are great.

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