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Downside to keeping an old camera in the car?


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Nov 15, 2017
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Washington D.C. Area
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I was thinking of keeping an old point-and-shoot in the car to take advantage of opportunities when I don't have a "real" camera with me. I'm concerned, however, that the heat this summer will damage the sensor and degrade the battery. I paid very little for this camera so it would not be a big loss but I don't like to be frivolous. Any thoughts? Experiences?
I've left cameras in my car before and never had any issues even with the heat we get in the DC area. I just kept it out of anyplace where it would be hit by the sun.
I've bought because of this Fujifilm X100F to have ultimate package worth of ~460 grams that I can take with me any time ... but no, I would not be leaving even an old camera in the car ..
Can batteries explode in a hot car?
i've left cameras in the car on semi frequent occasions and not had any issues, but i think over time (like a full summer or two) it would very likely degrade the battery.

maybe put the camera in a small cooler, put an ice pack in there every once in a while to keep the heat down.
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I wouldn't leave in a car either. I take a camera to work every day. I bring it inside. The key for me is not to forget it.
I’d be more worried about the car getting the windows smashed by thieves.

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