Downtown Minneapolis


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Sep 16, 2007
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Minneapolis, MN
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Shot from the skyway (notice some reflection issues in the upper left), lost of post processing in photoshop.

Minnesota's awesome. Go Vikings!

On number one watch out for the blown out areas, particularly in the road and the sky.

I really like your second picture, although you might want to get rid of the halos around the buildings. (unless you like them of course)
hey. cool pictures.
the second one looks almost curved. i think the term is fishbowled. something with a fish.
i live in minnesota too. skyways are a familiar view.
Funny, my dad lives in Apple Valley. Anyway yeah, there is some lens distortion, I shot these with my wide angle at 10mm so you'll have that on the edges. Thanks for the reply though.
Pretty cool. Nicollett Mall looks kinda deserted. And what's with Dayton's? It almost looks abandoned!
This was taken last Saturday, so yeah the mall was pretty quiet. As for Daytons? Daytons has been switched to Macy's for ten+ years now. It's hard to even remember the name Daytons anymore. Thanks for the comment.

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