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Sep 24, 2010
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Went out to meet a new guy who does video who is looking for some photography work to sort of play off each other to get more people excited about the event. So went out and shot for him last Sunday. I was going on about 3 hours of sleep because I was in St. Louis till halfway thru the night covering the drift event that I shot for. Havn't gone thru the rest of the photos yet, this was just two I pulled off quickly to see where I was at and I thought they turned out rather well for my first time shooting drag bikes at the track. Let me know what you guys truly think since this is something new for me to shoot. Main think I see is I wish I would have had the shutter speed a little lower to get motion in the front wheel. But this was an early on shot. whenever I pan I tend to start around 1/250th a sec and then slowly work my Shuterspeed slower and slower as I get more comfortable.


NHDRA-1 by Square1 photography, on Flickr


NHDRA-2 by Square1 photography, on Flickr
Very nice. I've only photographed the little cars that go out on the ice sometimes during intermission of a hockey game (ah, the minors...). This is impressive.

I tend to notice details/distractions I guess; I'd crop the bottom of the first photo to get that black rectangle and the gray horizontal line in the foreground out of the picture. And in the second one I'd crop just the slightest bit off the right side where there's an edge of a tire. (And that's getting pretty picky...)
It looks like you've got wheel blur off the back wheel, so I wouldn't worry too much about the front wheel.

My sweet spot for panning/wheel blur is usually around 1/90 of a second...
Really like these. Motion blur on the 1st is excellent
I just did different editing process for both photos. well the first photo is almost Sooc, bumped the saturation a slight bit and upped the clarity a little and that was about it. 2nd one I played around with a little more. dumped the highlights and upped(removed) the shadows etc. etc.

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