DSC-H7 image quality.


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Dec 15, 2007
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I think the first mistake I made was buying the H7, I had an old Canon A30 that took better pictures than this, even on my W810 camera phone I am able to snap off a few better shots than the H7. Perhaps I am just not doing something right but it seems like the only good pictures I can take have to be real close and in perfect daylight.

Here are some photos taken of my eldest son and daughter, these I consider to be ok but not as good as I would like to see.

Here are some more photos that I am really upset about, the lighting is horrible and some are blurry, I am just so frustrated.

For the price I paid for this camera I thought I would have gotten better results. I only use the "automatic" mode but have played around with the other settings a bit with the same frustrating results. Any thoughts?
just because a camera is expensive doesn't mean it's gonna be better. ESPECIALLY on auto.
Putting an expensive camera in auto is like buying a Ferrari and getting a single speed transmission. Kinda pointless.

Try and learn the basics of exposure, and I'm sure you will have much better luck.
(shutter speed, aperture, ISO)

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