dub exposure

Ahhh yess. The K1000 was my introduction to photography many moons ago. If I remember correctly... Expose the first shot. Depress the rewind button at the bottom of the camera. This will allow you to cock the shutter without advancing the film. Then take the second shot and advance the film. The rewind button will return to it's shooting position. I believe it is in the manual if you can find it.
To double expose, take a meter reading with the camera, lets say it is 1/250th at f8. Take the first picture at 1/500th at f8 and then the second at 1/500th at f8. Or, you can be really tricksy and alter the aperture and exposure time to mix two very different images - starting from the "proper" exposure, add or take off stops according to shutter speed and aperture to keep the "adjusted" exposure to add up to the "proper" one - so you could have 3/4 of the exposure on the first shot and 1/4 on the second, as long as it adds up to 1.

I'm thinking you'll have to force a double exposure with this camera.

After making the first exposure, tighten the film in the camera using the rewind crank. Then, make a mental note as to the position of the crank. Lets say it's at the 3:00 position. Next, cock the shutter normally. Then, carefully rewind the film so that the crank returns to the 3:00 position.

It's not at all an exact procedure, but will allow you to force a double exposure. I advise you make several attempts to get the hang of it.
Another way of double exposure is to forget to rewind the tail into the can and reload the film..... I'll post a good example a bit later....

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