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Apr 30, 2007
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I want to make a DVD photo slideshow of one of my recent vacations. I made the DVD but the picture quality has become noticeably worse.

Will the quality always lessen when put on a DVD? Or did the program I use just screw it up? (I used Windows DVD Maker)

Help me out please.
you mean, you use the DVD to display the images on a TV screen or at least in DVD-quality?

that will be less quality than the original high-res images.
most cable boxes and even tv's Have usb ports right on the front of them now days. Usb Flash drives are very cheap now. I would consider going that route.and you can constantly change whats on it.
Your camera's images are of a much higher resolution than that of a conventional analog TV. The resolution of an analog TV screen is slightly more than 640 x 480 no matter what the size.
Most pictures are above what ever resolution your monitor is (1024 X 768, etc...). Standard TV is 720 X 480. See why even at DVD quality pics look not as good as on your screen?

Try looking at your pics in a 800 X 600 resolution on the screen, though that is still superior to DVD quality, you will see a big drop in quality already.

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