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    On another forum I visit photography is peaking the interest of several other users. One user posted a Picture taken with his E500 that was just lacking tonal range. I asked him if I could run the image threw some EDR processing.

    I know my experience with digital sensors is....well limited to a POS but, I must say I am impressed with the ability of the sensor in the E500.

    Below is the EDR created from a single Jpeg he provided me to work with.






    Look ma, no aura^^ That is a lot of information in that Jpeg.

    Now some processing had been done to this image prior to my getting it, I'm not sure what he did, but his being new to digital photography I can't imagine it was too godaweful lot. He did mention something about Ghetto HDR treatment but I just can't see it. I did ask him about it and by his explination it was a tone mapping attempt on a single frame. My best guess is the attempt made the jpeg behave more like a raw file during my processing if anything, but my knowing jack sht about RAW I could be wrong. If it where truly there it would have been compounded during the process resulting in auraing and light sploching beyond that of standard Jpeg EDR. Given that one can not surpass that which the sensor can capture, it is safe to assume that all that information was recorded at the time of the shot. I'm impressed.

    EDR done in Photomatix (older one), There was still a lot of adjustment range for me to play with with this image, but not having been there I stayed pretty close to the defaults

    Amount - 60/100 (might have been 40, don't remember)
    Saturation - 50/100
    Light smoothing - max
    Luminisity - 0/10
    Microtrast - max
    I left White/black points and gama at the defaults

    Photo, taken by KyuubiWarrior@DA/Bas3onAc1d@Nphiles, DA page can be found at kyuubiwarrior.deviantart.

    Fine print for the mods:
    Images used with permission, Permission to display granted by Bas3onAc1d/KyuubiWarrior Via N-Philes conversation on 08-28-2008, 01:21 AM and terms of agreement part 1 of 2 (display on TPF) have been met 08-31-2008, 03:06 AM


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