Eagle Junior Olympics (8pics)


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Apr 6, 2006
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It was EJO (Eagle Junior Olympic) day at my lil bro's school on Friday, so I drove down to help out the volunteers and get some practice shooting people

It was also a lesson in ISO... the lighting in the gym was pretty awful, and the automatic setting slowed down my shutter speed so much that even the slightest bit of movement made the whole thing ridiculously blurry, so eventually I just upped the ISO to 400, and (ta-da!) the pics started turning out a lot better

#1 The first event was the Tricycle Relay...
Purple vs. Green

#2 Since he's in eighth grade, my lil bro got to be the captain of his team (The Pink Team). He's the tall one standing up with the black pants

#3 Here he is getting ready to race

#4 Next was the three-man scooter relay

#5 Then each team split up to a different classroom to fill out a trivia worksheet. Here's the Red Team

#6 After that, they all came back to the gym for a jumprope/hoolahoop relay
On Your Marks... Get Set...

#7 Go!

#8 And finally, the last event was a basketball shoot... Here's my brother after sinking his 3-pt shot. The focus is off, but hey, at least he made the shot!

Thanks for looking!!
(C'mon people, its not that many pics! ;))
This sounds like a fun event at your brother's school with some very funny competitions :D.

Of the photos, which, as you are saying, were taken in very poor light conditions, I like 4, 5 and 7 best, the Pink Team looks really cool against the green walls of the gym, and your brother is quite (shhh, lend me your ear) "promising" :wink: :wink:, in other words he is quite the handsome guy! In five I like the wave and in 7 the movement of the hoola-hoop, which took me a while to SEE :D. You write "Go!" and she is standing there and I went "Huh?" until I finally saw it (and you were saying hoola-hoop event :roll: )

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