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Oct 13, 2015
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Friendswood TX
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Good afternoon all

A couple of days ago I posted a photo that I took during the golden hour and several people gave me some tips to make the shot better. I took everything that was said and tried to make the shots better. Please comment on how they look.


Shutter speed 1/320
F Stop F8
ISO 100
Focal length 32mm


Shutter speed 1/320
F Stop F8
ISO 100
Focal length 18
Would love to know what people think of the shot. I'm hoping I am approved from the last morning shots.
I think the second one is more interesting to look at than the first one. The reflection of the trees and clouds with the mist is nice. If it were my photo, I might try to brighten the tree on the left side of the frame to get some more detail in it -- it gets lost with how dark that part of the picture.
While I cannot speak of your first morning shots, I do like number 2. The first photo has a green/yellow tint to the trees for some reason, but doesn't look like the color of the sun's natural light. I am not sure if you altered this or maybe the white balance is a bit off. Maybe someone else could comment on that, cause I am on a computer which tends to oversaturate colors.

I like the light in the second photo that brings out the fog near the surface of the water and I think the reflection is also a strong part of the photo. If I would say to do anything differently here, it would be to find some foreground interest for the shot.

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