eBay filters any good?


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Oct 20, 2007
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Hey all,

I'm trying to expand my equipment list and was looking at filters on eBay. I have seen filter prices at places such as B&H and they are prohibitively expensive right now. But on eBay I have seen "kits" that include a UV, a flourescent and a circular polarizer for around $20 - $25.

Basically I was wondering if anyone has tried these filters, I really just interested in the polarizer, and are they any good?


especially in filters, mike is right.
Plastic, or uncoated glass...cheap rings...
they're all junk. a filter should be >$50 if it's good...
That's the kind of information I was looking for. I didn't think of them possibly being plastic. That wouldn't be very good.

Thanks guys, guess I'll just save up for the good stuff.
Cheap filters are something you end up buying right before you buy good ones.
Wow wait a minute. The OP and the subject line say something different. There is nothing wrong with buying filters from ebay. There is everything wrong with those crap kits!

Have a look for B+W or Hoya SuperHMC filters on ebay. You'll find they are MUCH cheaper than at a photo store and every bit as good. The Hoya SHMC can be picked up for the same price of the same filter except the Hoya standard version at the store.

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