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Edumacate me on macro ring flashes.


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Feb 9, 2007
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Portland, Land of Beer
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Hello all,

So I'm in the market for a nice macro ring flash for my camera. I did some hiking last weekend outside of Portland and lost some really great shots due to the weak flash on my 500d or while trying to keep my hand steady while trying to increase my DOF. I mostly shoot still life but I occasionally try to sneak up on various insects. I don't like using tripods or monopods so a ring flash seems like the answer I'm looking for. I think...

I'm assuming that by adding a good ring flash to my 100mm macro lens that I'll be able to boost my DOF and increase my shutter speed while still shooting without stabilization? I'd like to be able to snap a shot of an insect without having to find a log to lean on or break out the Joby (while all the time hoping the insect doesn't fly off).

So I've been looking at a MR-14EX, but, wow. Ugh, a tad expensive. I've looked at the Sigma alternative and while cheaper, it isn't cheaper by much.

Advice? Thanks! :)
As you've already found, good macro ring lights cost some money. The cheap ones may work for you, but reviews from those who've been dissatisfied with them are pretty common and ugly.

So, it's either pay the money or come up with a DIY solution.

Do you already have an off-camera flash or are you planning to buy one in the future? If so, there are inexpensive and creative ways to make it work for macro shots as well, doing double duty for you.

Check this thread out for an example:


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