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Mar 19, 2009
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Be-ahhh-utiful Southern California
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Would love to get some input and feedback on some photos I took last month of a close friend, these are three of my favs... Thanks! Everyone have a great weekend, TGIF!



Welcome to the Forum,

Pretty good except in the last one the sky seems a bit blown out.
Very nice. The 2nd one is my clear favorite; great framing, cropping, exposure & DOF.
Really nice shots! My fav is the second one--it's just got a uniqueness about it that is very appealing!!
Nice photos. I the composition in all three. They look like they were taken by a person above amateur level ;) The only thing you could improve is the overexposed sky in #3.
comp in #2 is great...though i wonder what it would look like if you got her feet in there too...

nice shooting.
To me the wash out sky is moot (although I don't really see it as washed out--looks good on my computer). It doesn't hurt the photo in my eyes. LOVE the way the blue fence pops her shirt. Or is that the way the shirt pops the fence? LOL, whatever.... like that one the best. She seems so naturally happy.
I really like them all, did she?
Very nice job....if the sky wasnt wasnt a bit blown out, all 3 would be perfect (but then the rest of the shot would be underexposed)

in the 3rd one, the sky still has some detail in it, so its still ok. If you put that picture on the wall, im sure anyone walking by would say its an amazing picture. Only a photographer would say anything about that.

But other than that very small thing, your shots are awesome. I cant pick a favorite....
i like em. second one being my favorite.

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