Ektachrome Tungsten in Daylight


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Jan 21, 2007
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Charleston, South Carolina, USA
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I'm overstocked on Ektachrome 64T. Can I use a yellow (K2) filter and shoot in daylight? If not that one, is there another filter that I can use (maybe a lighter yellow)?
Yeah there's a daylight balancing filter for shooting T-balanced film outdoors. It's an 85B IIRC.
The reason that a yellow filter won't work if you want a good conversion to 3200 K (the 'Type B' colour temperature that Ektachrome 64T is balanced for) is that it only controls the blue part of the spectrum. You need something that cuts down green as well, albeit to a lesser extent than blue.

An 85B doesn't do a perfect job of converting 5500 kelvin daylight to 3200 kelvin, but it is close enough for most pictorial purposes - in fact 64T works very well in daylight because it is a comparatively low contrast film, so it can cope with a large brightness range.

The filter factor is ⅔ stop for the 85B.

It's also fun to cross-process. Cool results.
Gotta love that 85B. Thanks!

Years ago there was a form member that shot LF landscapes with tungsten (E6 I think but maybe not) with out a filter clamed it saturated the sky. I tried it but saw no real different
Shooting tungsten negative in daylight without a filter is quite common. The dynamic range of modern colour negative permits correction in post without loss of detail. If you do it with reversal film, the limited dynamic range tends to result in loss of either blue highlight detail or red shadow detail, depending on how you expose.


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