Elephants of Amboseli

Elephants are one of my favorite animals, 2 is awesome, 3 is amazing! Just ... Wow.
#3 is a lovely shot... love the background.. wish the foreground was less cluttered, but it does provide some framing at least. Possibly cloning out the dark OOF branches low center would help to remove some distractions...
Thanks. I'm not really big on cloning (mainly due to laziness) but I might do some localised contrast reduction at some point. Or just wait 10 years until I can afford the 400mm 2.8L and go and retake it!
I understand! I did pull the shot and just did the branches Like I was thinking.. just to see what you thought...



Oops.. looks like I saved that edit in Adobe RGB instead of SRGB.... :) but you get the idea!
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I dig #2, he looks so happy...heh the sepia works, but I still wouldn't mind seeing them in full color.
Thanks guys.

Looks good with the cloned branches, you've got better cloning skills than me!

I may post them in full colour sometime....
Great shots, I really like #3 and #4.
I much prefer the natural setting of your elephants to the ones around here. The zoo even uses them to put out fires. Here is one doing his job. The fire was quite huge but after 5 minutes of hose work it was extinguished. No lives were lost.


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