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Entry level strobe(s?)

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Apr 14, 2006
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Fairfax, VA
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I'm looking into getting a flash/strobe beyond the integrated one on my nikon d50. I have no idea where to start with flashes/strobes. (What's the difference, even?) It would be great to be able to use it mounted off the camera to get lighting offset from the angle of the photograph. Money is definetly an issue, considering that I am a 16 year old highschool student.

Is it possible to use the integrated camera flash PLUS a strobe (master/slave? Would i need a controller mounted on the camera?) mounted elsewhere to get different lighting effects?

Like i said, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to lighting. All the help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. :thumbup:
Lighting seems to be a very popular discussion this week on this forum as well as others I visit. Rather than reiterate all that I asked and learned, I'll supply a link that may answer some of your questions, and still leave you with others:

IMHO the bees are not worth it.
continuous lighting gets hot fast, but you can learn with it.

Look into vivitars 283 and 285... as well as sunpak 383

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