environmental portrait. c&c please.


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Dec 12, 2011
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I shot this in natural light for a school project. any advice on editing or what you might have done different would be appreciated.

I don't find this to be a particularly "environmental" portrait.

When I think of environmental portraiture, I think of getting someone in their element. So that they have things around them that speak about their character or something to do with their life.

Here's one that I took of a local German Restaurant owner.


Also, your link is screwed up.
No image.

Did you grab the right code? If you go to view all sizes, right click, then select "copy image location" that will work :)
i agree with tyler
I agree with Tyler and Joe in the sense that from that particular crop/frame, you can't tell where the person is... relating to the "environment".
thank you for the feed back. Now I have a better undertanding of what you guys mean. tHANK YOU AND SOORY ABOUT MY IMAGE NOT APPEARING. i'M STILL NOT SURE HOW TO GET AROUND ON HERE.

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