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    Hey there,

    i am totaly new to photography. december this year i am going to travel round the earth (frankfurt -> capetown -> sidney -> los angeles -> santiago de chile) for the period of one year.

    i currently own two cameras:

    Yashica FR II
    and an old Kontax

    both are pureSLR cameras.

    i plan to upload new pics as often as i can to a internetsite to make them viewable for friends etc., so i take my notebook with me. but i need to let the photos develop and copy to a photo CD by a discounter on the spot.

    do you think that this is going to be too expensive? or maybe I'll face problems to get a copy of my photo to a CD on the spot?

    i am not thinking about buying a digicam at the moment because i like the quality of SLR cameras better (by far), and a good camera will be probably to expensive but maybe i am wrong?!

    what do you think? what's the best solution?


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