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    Photog on another board is selling many old cameras of his grandfather's. Here is the list of the stuff he has:

    Here is the list.

    Ansco ReadyFlash
    Ansco Shur Shot
    Argus Autronic 35
    Argus C4
    Argus C3 x2
    Argus C2
    Argus Lens 100mm Enna-Werk w/Box
    Argus Matchmatic C3
    Canon Canonet (1st model)
    King Regula IIIa (Regula-Werk King)
    Kodak Starmatic
    Kodak Automatic 35F
    Kodak Signet 40 w/Flash
    Kodak Duaflex II
    Kodak Baby Brownie
    Minolta Hi-Matic F
    Minolta Hi-Matic 7sII
    Polaroid 95
    Polaroid 95A
    Polaroid 100
    Polaroid 101
    Polaroid 125
    Polaroid Countdown 90
    Polaroid 330
    Polaroid 420
    Polaroid 440
    Polaroid 450
    Petri color corrected super 1.9 w/ Telephoto
    Petri 2.8
    Spartus Press Flash
    Tower w/built in meter (rodenstock-heligen)? this will take some research.
    Tower Movie light meter
    Weston Master III Exposure Meter

    If you are interested in any of it, let me know, I'll put you in contact with him. At this point I think everything is by offer, so please don't ask me how much.:grumpy:


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