Ethanol Train

Ok, I have a little more time now, so I'll post the picture here. All C&C welcome and appreciated.
wow, thats pretty tight.

I like how the tracks lead you into the shot.

Also the DOF is very interesting, makes them look like they are miles long
I agree the track right in the middle of the picture on the bottom and the DOF really help make this a great shot
I do like the element of repetition in this photo, and the condensed shape of the train that only a telephoto lens can give. I also like how the one track leads us to that part of the train that is in focus.
Thats a very nice picture.Agree what the others said;)
Thank you all for the comments, they are greatly appreciated.

Not to wander into the B&W gallery but here is a B&W version for Goldeeno.

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