Even lighting throught 180 degree fisheye?


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Feb 26, 2009
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Im currently using a canon with the 580EXII and I was wondering if anyone had advice on how i could get nice even lighting throughout my shot when I am shooting with a 180 degree fisheye. I am usually shooting my shots in vacant home. If I aim the flash straight ahead and pull out the flashes bounce card, the photo gets a little dark around the edges. Any tips or ideas? Thanks!!

Point the flash up at the ceiling or turn it around and point it up at the wall/ceiling behind you. The more you bounce the light, the more likely it will be evenly spread in front of the lens.
A diffuser will work as well pointed straight up. You can get a Onmnibounce or, a light sphere.
You will want to bounce, increase the exposure comp.
Can you use available light and a tripod?

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