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May 18, 2012
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This is a photo that actually did not make the cut for some stuff I did, but mainly because it didn't fit. I think it's sort of interesting. What say ye?

I would say it is, however I feel some imbalance in the composition and can you do something about that light reflection ?
I do not find it interesting nor visually satisfying in any way. I can understand that it was a cull. It's virtually "unreadable". There's absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting and failing. As with Edison's 999 failures in developing a lightbulb, he said, "Well, I now know 999 ways how NOT to make a lightbulb."
Too much division between the dark upper half and the light lower half of this photo for my liking. I think the contrast between light and dark is in the wrong place and would ha e prefferred to see either a high key or low key photo. I do like the flower though and do see interesting elements, but I think you could go more minimalist for greater impact
The composition is not good im afraid nor is the photo interesting to look at. Noffence intended there sorry.
Yes, an odd one. I like it. Best of your work i've seen so far. But have only seen 3 or 4.

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