Exploding Ice

awesome series! might i ask what settings and setup you used? fast shutter obviously, but did you use any extra lighting? and how'd you get that black background?
very creative, you guys have a talent for blowing unique objects up and getting great pictures of doing so!
These are absolutely gorgeous, very creative and interesting to boot! Nice job.
Thanks, guys! Appreciate the comments.
Ernie: we set our cameras on "bulb" setting and controlled the camera manually. We used 2 flash units independently and hung a bolt of black material up for background. We turned the lights were off inside Clark's garage. Thanks for asking.
I am sorry I missed this part of your experiments. These are very cool, creative. Next time I will bring my camera. Very cool........

Yes, I enjoy getting together and blowing stuff up with spacenut. And Yes mother, you need to come out with your camera and enjoy the fun.
Neat idea, well exocuted. #2 is incredible!
Thanks for the comment. Clark & I plan on doing more with ice (hopefully this week) and then we have ideas for other projects. But, these projects are very time consuming. Hope to have more in a week or two.

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