Export star ratings from iPad to Lightroom?


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May 28, 2009
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I'm hoping to do something that I'm not sure is possible, hoping someone may be able to offer guidance. At a high level I'd like to be able to perform basic star ratings of jpg's on my iPad and then match those star ratings up with the master RAW file in Lightroom.

Here's the detailed scenario:

  1. Shoot with an Eye-Fi and send jpg's directly to my iPad while leaving the RAW's on the CF card in my camera
  2. Perform a first-pass star rating of the jpg's on my iPad, which I could do while still in the field (so I'd need an app for this, any suggestions?)
  3. When I get back home I'd import the RAW's into LR using my regular import process & presets
  4. And finally - and the heart of my question here - I'd want a (simple) way to export the jpg's from the iPad, import them into Lightroom, automatically match the jpg's to the RAW's, merge the metadata (star rating), and then finally I could delete the jpg's and I'd have the updated RAW's with star ratings

Is anything like that possible or are we not quite there yet?
PhotoPicker for Lightroom. On the App store. Check it out and see if that is what you are needing.
Thanks! While I was checking out Photopicker I stumbled across Photosmith under 'related'. Looks like one of these 2 apps should get the job done.
Are you aware that Adobe is working on a lightroom version for iPad?
For what its worth, I've been using Photosmith for a few days now and it has a LR publishing service that does bi-directional wireless collection syncing with the iPad. It has a matching algorithm that matches metadata updates from the iPad (star ratings, color labels, keywords, etc) with a corresponding matching image in LR. Its *exactly* what I was hoping for.

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