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Jul 12, 2007
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Does anyone have any experience with using a LCD computer monitor vice a regular TV to preview their photographs outside the camera preview LCD? Specifically I'm talking about a Nikon D200 where you plug in the supplied RCA cable into a "TV" which allows your images to be displayed on the TV vice the 2.5" preview screen on the camera.

However, In order to plug your camera RCA cable into a computer monitor you need an "external TV tuner" which will convert the signal so that it can be displayed on the computer monitor. These devices are typically used to allow you to watch tv on your computer monitor.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a specific brand of external TV tuner that had worked well for them. The KWorld Ext TV Tuner available at Amazon.com for $61 seems to fit the bill ...

I don't know much about a TV tuner, but I used a two prong stero plug to a threeprong AV(video,right,left) plug conversion and was able to attach my camera to a MiniDVD player with a 7inch screen and it worked fine. It depends on the inputs you have to your computer, if you have an AV in it should work just fine with the supplied cord, if not you may need a TV tuner, or one of those DVD to computer transfer like the dazzle line that are a bit cheaper then a tuner.
actually all I'm trying to do is to hook up to a stand-alone LCD monitor. I suppose I could connect to my laptop as you suggest but I just want to put this LCD monitor in my studio & leave it there. The nice thing about these 'ext TV tuners is that they are designed to hook into laptops so you can watch TV on your laptop so if do buy one I could use it for both connecting to a stand-alone monitor and/or my laptop ...
there's not really a specific brand thats good for this stuff. an alternative may be to try to find an RCA to VGA converter.
I might be wrong, but the usb TV tuners all seem to require a software interface: ie, a computer. The RCA to VGA converter seems like a better option for your apllication.
what inputs do you have on your LCD?
My LCD monitor has just a VGA input. Thanks for the links, I'll check them out.

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