Streaming with Canon T3i?


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Nov 8, 2020
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I have an old Canon T3i that i've recently tried with the Canon EOS webcam utility, the program itself obviously has some issues. (ie; latency, frames not matching camera output)
It DOES output pretty much the correct quality, 1080p 30, 720p 60, VIA the A/V digital output.

The HDMI output only mirrors the picture that is displayed on the LCD screen of the camera, and once plugged into a HDMI capture card, does just that. (ive tried Magic lantern with it, it doesnt force the correct preview)

I was wondering if anyone had any idea if I were to use a USB FEMALE to HDMI MALE adapter cable, if I could bypass the webcam utility and plug straight to the capture card, for the same preview I get with the webcam utility.

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