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Oct 20, 2011
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I have decided I want a set. Obviously I shoot canon... I have a Tamron 70-200 macro that is awesome, but now you guys have made me want MORE!!!
Someone just tell me what to order?
Seeing how Macro is best done in manual focus are the Kenko basic tubes adequate or should I go for the one that's $179?
I probably should add that I am an all manual settings kinda girl too, so needing any metering or auto anything isn't necessary either.
The Kenko AF tubes are currently some of the better tubes on the market...the shortest and the mid-length ones are the most useful. For use with a 70-200, a 12 or 13mm tube will be very useful; a 20 to 25mm tube will be useful,at times; the long "36mm tube" is basically a third wheel, and almost useless, IMHO.

The Kenko AF tubes are "reasonably" strong and stout--but they are NOT as strong as say, the Canon models...the lens needs to be supported when a heavy lens and a Kenko tube is used...two Kenkos + heavy lens = some flexion.

There are lower-cost tubes than Kenko--but please, do not waste time with those non-contact, eBay cheapies that offer no diaphragm control....those suck.
I fully agree that its well worth spending the extra on the extension tubes with the metal contacts, AF might not be important, but you do want the ability to control the aperture of the lens itself whilst shooting. Canon lenses can be tricked into closing the aperture blades, but the downside is that you have to focus and shoot with them closed, which means far less light to work with for focusing and composition.
It's far far easier to get proper quality tubes which will have the build quality and the contacts to retain regular lens control.

The Kenko AF tubes are "reasonably" strong and stout--but they are NOT as strong as say, the Canon models...

I wonder if Kenko has changed their structure over time, I know a few others who use both Canon and Kenko extension tubes and they say that they can't tell them apart from each other build quality wise.

Ps - better start making small savings here and there; once the macro bug bites it bites hard and you'll soon be lusting after a proper lens ;)
Ahhhh! I knew there was a reason I needed the $179 set.
Is the Kenko set the best for me? I am NOT a macro shooter. I just want to play with it a little. ANNNND... while I say I am NOT a macro shooter now... I will never say never cuz I said I'd never be a sports shooter either.

I have a stash from the % I put away each year from taxes, but I also want to add in some new lighting (the speedo stuff Derrel educated me on) and I am not sure what else, so I am thinking vaction! LOL! Usually I go to WPPi, but I just plain don't have it in me to go this year. We just had a major death on Monday and a few other things have me pretty run down, so... I am recoup'ing! I could recoup better in Belize or the Riviera or Europe...
The US market has a few more options, but in general Kenko provide you about the best for your money between features and build quality. Some of the (not all) cheaper options can have cheaper mount designs and you'll sometimes read of horror stories of where the tube gets stuck on the lens and has to be cut off.
Ok! I am good to go! thanks!!!

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