extreme cam for a begginer

They are primarily for video, and the lens is quite wide. If action video is your intent, then one of those cameras is a good choice.
Its not that extreme, really, just specialized.

You dont use a GoPro for everyday shooting because its really slow to configure. Its when you want a camera thats small, robust, and can take a beating. And you want it primarily for video.

If Image Quality is what you're after, rather try an entry level DSLR, such as:

Nikon D3300
Nikon AF-S 18-105mm f3.5-5.6 VR DX (Kitlens, get together with camera because then its cheaper)
Nikon AF-S 55-200mm f4.5-5.6 VR DX (Telezoom, can also be bought cheaper with camera)
I used multiple GoPro cameras. I currently own the GoPro 3+ silver and the black editions. They're great for motorcycle riding, underwater camera used for shooting fish, turtles etc. They are specialized and do give a fish eye look to everything which is usually edited out later. Overall great cameras for action sports video.
Take a look at the SJCam SJ4000. It cost $68 and does the same thing as GoPro, if not better (in some cases, lol). The sound quality is useless, battery isn't as good (but they are cheap) and it gets a bit fuzzy in low light, but video quality for a $68 action cam, its quite impressive really. I have a GoPro Hero 2 and I just don't use it that much, but I might pick my self up one of these SJ4000 cams anyways. It comes with a built in LCD screen AND all of the same accessories that are included with the GoPro.

SJCAM SJ4000 Action Camera (Black) SJ4000B B&H Photo Video

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