Extreme off road rock racing...

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    We hauled the jeeps up to Alabama for the Southern Trailfest and in the same ORV park there was an XRRA race going on.

    It was a HUGE challenge to get these shots because a.) it was raining and shaded in the trees, so there was virtually no light which meant higher ISO, and b.) the track was down in a gully and to get good shots without people's heads in the way I had to hike down a verticle incline on loose muddy soil. I can't count how many times I slipped, but I managed to get away without breaking anything (camera-wise anyway, my ass is still pretty sore :lol:). It was a blast.

    I haven't gotten around to uploading our pics yet, these are just of the race and pretty much straight out of the camera aside from white balance adjustments. If anyone wants to see more I'm in the process of sifting through our own wheeling pics.

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