Extreme Stringholding!

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Apr 27, 2009
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Cleveland, Ohio
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I was at our local big kite festival, and fairly exclusively used a tilt shift lens, for fun, and as an experiment. Quite a learning experience. :thumbup:
There is no spoon.
Nice job er111a! You're getting better!
:lol: Darrel, I am so glad to see you are enjoying creating forum drama, instead of pretending to abhor it. :thumbup:
Not a bad shot. Looks a little grainy/noisy in the background darker trees. Is it just me? Was this intentional?
Try using a level for your next shot.

I like the shot. I wish the string was going out the top left corner of the pic though instead of just out.

That girl looks either horridly bored or horridly amazed.
I would like the horizon level & the girl on the right side of the frame with the string leading in instead of out.

You say you left the horizon off for a reason but I fail to see why.
Which tiltshift are you using?

What have you learned so far? I am thinking of a TS, maybe by the end of the year.

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