Eye of the Tiger


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Sep 8, 2011
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Baton Rouge
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This is LSU's live tiger mascot, Mike the Tiger. He lives on campus, in a $3,000,000 habitat. He is tough to shoot because you are either shooting through glass or two layers of fence. I shot 30+ shots of him today as he walked around the habitat, but nothing was coming out good. Finally he got tired and laid down in an opening between bushes. I walked to the opening and found myself five feet (less than 2 meters) from his head. He turned and looked directly at me. This was through fence but luckily, both of his eyes fell between the wires of the fence. I just had to clone out the fence across his nose. If you look closely, you will find flaws in the cloning.

This image is about 98% full frame. All I did was level his eyes, causing just a tad cropping on the edges.

mike the tiger1 by Theantiquetiger, on Flickr

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