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Jun 21, 2013
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Has anyone used this card: Pro X2 | Eye-Fi.
im a beginner and thought this was an interesting way to transfer pictures to a computer/tablet but have been reading some negative coments about it, amongst some positive thoughts on it.

Just wondering what your thoughts where on wireless transfers of pictures...?

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I have one, and have use it on a number of compact and dslr cameras and it works great and supports raw and jpeg and movies though i have not tried that.

I have not tried it from camera to tablet, just camera to notebook.

You can check on the eye-fi website for camera compatibility.

I'm really wet behind the ears John, beginer.....
i was tired of the P&S camaras i had and wanted to start and take photography a bit more serious, with much better results...so I purchased the Nikon D5100 and my understanding is that it will except the Eyfi-wifi. I just like the idea of not having to transfer the pics by removing the SD card, turning on the laptop ,waiting for the system to boot, shove the SD card in, open the folder...etc..etc..etc........
I was thinking of transferring jpeg/raw files through my network instead of directly to my laptop. That way I can access them through my iPad ....(not sure about that). I'm just not clear on how or "IF" this is possible...? Maybe there's another way to get them directly to an iPad .?

Thanks John,

Are you happy with the transfer rate...?

thank you,

It seems ok, to me, it take about 4-5 seconds to transfer a 24mp raw file, that`s about 29mb in size , so jpeg`s fly as their so much smaller, but if you have a load of raw files to transfer it`s quicker just plug in the sdhc card to your notebook`s sdhc reader.

They are great for the home, just shoot a load of family pics and they start transferring as soon as you snap the firsts pic, straight to you notebook.


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