Facial/Skin Touch-up Help!!!


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Jan 28, 2006
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Do you know if PS7 has the capability to touch up faces like how we see on model in the magazine?. I know the clone tool does some of that stuff, but doesn't yield the same result. Thanks in advance for any suggestion.
The software certainly has the capability. I think you'll find the problem is in knowing how to use the tools correctly. There's no quick answer of "click this button and you're done." Search google for retouching tutorials.
Try using the healing tool, (it looks like a little bandaid) this will help you with blemishes, wrinkles, dust... all that good stuff. Kind of the same idea as the cloning tool.
use the healing tool to touch up major blemishes then copy the layer and gassin blur it change the opacity and remove any areas that you want sharp and itll look a lot better if you have a picture you want me to show u how its done give me a shout

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