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Jun 4, 2010
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Wisconsin, United States
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This was my first attempt at a panoramic. I was amazed at how effectively PS was able to stitch the images together on the first crack. I looked and looked, but can't find the seams! This was created from 4 separate shots. I did a batch adjustment to the white balance, then let PS do it's thing. Once done, I corrected for a little distortion which was left, adjusted my color, contrast, ect. Then did my final crop, and sha-bam!

Anyway, I know the subject matter isn't that interesting, but this was more of a technical challenge for me because I don't often find myself in areas conducive to panoramic shots. So, when I found myself on top of a 100' fire watch tower, I had to try. I was subject to high winds, which I think shook the camera, even on the tripod, but it was also a wooden structure, so there were probably many contributing factors hurting the sharpness. It's also frustrating how the far background is shaded by clouds, but my magic wand wasn't working that day, so not much I could do... As my first technical exercise of a pano, what are your thoughts?


P.S. I think I'm switching to flicker. I can't stand how Photofu*kit messes with the images any more...
I would like to see more color in the tress but your execution is good!
photoshop is awesome, the only flaw i've found is that sometimes it gives you some distortion on the horizon. kinda curves it like a fish eye effect... but as long as you know to watch for that it's an easy correction. i do alot of panoramas and photoshop is the way to go for sure!!

Mike Leggero


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