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Discussion in 'Critique Forum Archives' started by MichaelMcDoanld, Jan 17, 2007.

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    You're getting a little lens flare in the top-left corner. I'm failing to understand the point of the photo, given the composition. The biggest thing you need to pay attention to in any photograph is where the viewers eyes are drawn to. In this shot, they are indeed drawn upward, but what is there for them to arrive at? The lettering on the tree loses importance because it isn't really the focus of anything. In that sense it's almost distracting. My honest opinion is that the shot is unoriginal-- that it was taken simply for the sake of photographing some nice trees in autumn. It's reminiscent of when you first get into photography and you run out and shoot every old barn you can find. Really put some thought into what you're shooting and the way it's composed before you trip the shutter. I often find myself getting ready to take a shot and then deciding that the subject or the framing of the shot is really rather mundane. Perhaps the shot is digital and you don't have film weighing on your conscience, but I think you ought to slow down.

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