Fallen in the mist


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Apr 25, 2006
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North East UK
Hope you don't mind me posting another so soon. This is a place not far down the river from me but had never visited.....lovely area and unspoilt. Hope you like.


C&C welcome.
Another very lovely pic. Dont worry about posting too many pics -- I'm loving them and cant wait to see more!
Brilliant shot. This is a great image. Wow, nicely done.
Why do your photos look so extremely sharp?

I love their light and composition very much, here as well as in the Twisted Tree. But they look like pencil drawings, they are so sharp.
If that is their desired element then: hats off. You got that very right.
great shot ken, beautiful colours and the composition is good, very well captured :thumbup:
i don't think you can post too many shots if they are all as good as this... very nice... :thumbup:
I like how the rocks lead you to the back! Great photo! Keep them coming!
OMG, what a beautiful shot. "Ethereal" comes to mind. Awesome post work.
Thanks again for the comments....Amazing place, I sat and lost all track of time just watching the mist come up the river and then back down several times, sometimes laying low over the river only and others consuming everything

LaFoto said:
Why do your photos look so extremely sharp?
Sorry LaFoto i'm not exactly sure I understand your question? If you are suggesting that I am over sharpening, my only defence is....I really don't understand sharpening at all. I use an action which was created by a moderator from another forum to help with resizing and sharpening for forum use. However, if you are asking how I get everything sharp...then F8, hyperfocal distance and cs2.:wink:

LaFoto said:
If that is their desired element then: hats off. You got that very right.
I do struggle with my processing and I make no secret of that. It's a mine field trying to get to grips with the camera let alone cs2....it got to the point were I nearly sold the camera...just got so fed up! It has been mentioned a number of times on different forums that my pics can and sometimes do take on a drawing or painting like quality (not my words) I have also been told I have left the field of photography and taken to digital art???? I am used to that now and really don't care anymore, I enjoy taking photo's and trying to process them along with uploading for any comments on how I can improve for next time...it's all about learning! Although a constant uphill battle, I am pleased when people comment with drawings, paintings even a style of your own...I am no photographer, it's just something I fancied trying almost 2 year ago now, firstly with a point and shoot, then progressing to the 350d about a year ago....until then I hadn't used ps or cs before or held a camera.
Sorry to ramble.
Hope that helps a little.
Thanks again for the comments.

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