Family Photo Catches Thief

"Nice capture" takes on a whole new meaning with that one, eh?

BTW, the Star Trek computer link, I have to admit, though no one loves ST more than me, I'm a bit trepidatious about downloading something I can't see samples of. Am I missing something that shows what I'd be putting on/into my computer? Just a little leary after a complete crash that wiped out nearly my entire online existence, last month (and hard lesson learned about backing up EVERYTHING).
I do need a screenshots/video section, don't I. I can understand the caution. Better safe than sorry. Here's a link to a youtube video I did *EDIT* ooOOoo it puts the video on there for you...*/EDIT*

Curious is this your screen shot video ? Cause i love the pauses for solitare it sooo reminds me of me !!
Ha! I've totally arrested that guy before! Except when I arrested him, only a week ago, it was for stealing an unsuspecting college girls Macbook. Caught him 15 min later looking at 9, that's right, 9 windows of web browsing, all were porn, and of many different...persuasions... The only reason we caught him so quickly this time, was because he wanted to watch his porn so badly he couldn't leave the building and risk loosing the free wifi connection :lmao: Criminals... never the brightest...

I gotta give a shout out to the Capital PD, for bagging the "vacation bag thief"! :wav:
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that is way to awesome it also proves the point to make sure you don't just leave your bag anyplace number one just incase anybody has sticky fingers like that guy and second being around the capital somebody could have reported it as a suspictious bag and the bomb squad would have been called...

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