Fashion/Emotive Portraits


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Dec 8, 2006
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Nikon D50
model: my girlfriend
objective: Fashion/emotive type portraits


the only problem with the "emotive" she has no emotion. Literally. I commend her on her poker face.]

Technically the first one is pretty good...but I dono what happened to the second. parts are over exposed and parts are underexposed...I'm guessing it's your post processing...way too much contrast or something.
I hear what you are saying but emotive/emotion means a state of feeling. That could be any feeling. Her feeling would be impassiveness.
the only problem with the "emotive" she has no emotion. Literally. I commend her on her poker face.

Emotionless face means a neutral face, if you referring to the second one that is clearly incorrect. Her face is obviously down casted and melancholy.

I like the angle in number 2, but you could try to tone down the contrast as suggested, or mask out the parts that are getting blown out.
I like the second one, even though it's a little depressing... ;)
In the first shot i'm distracted by that thing on the wall in the back, and how the corner where the walls meet is sticking straight up out of her head. I like the color and lighting though.

I personally like #2. I don't think it looks overexposed.. (monitor difference?) If anything the saturation could be toned down a little, but I like the contrast between the bright color from her kimono and the grass. I think the angle is what really makes it though. I think it would be a nice b/w pic.

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