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Dec 22, 2007
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Hey, I'm from Israel , so if my english is not very good - I'm sry.
My question is - Fashion photographes , do they dependent on the edit softwares ? I mean , when they take a picture , do they trust on the fact that the photo will be edit later?

one more thing , after they finish to take photos, lets say something like 200 photos , and they pick 100 that's good , they edit all of them to see whats the best ?
Well, I would say that probably 90% of the time, they count on the photo being edited, but not for reasons that they made mistakes. Usually, the model will need slight touch ups on her skin, and there may be a strap or something sticking out that doesn't look good. The reason this is more true for portrait photography, is because you usually want to show a more professional or crisp look, and if the model got a zit that morning, and makeup didn't get rid of can always just heal it out.

That said...lots of portraits are also left alone...

It really depends on the application and who's paying.
All high amateur and professional photography requires postprocessing using editing software. Fashion photography and portrait photography more than most because the smallest detail is important.

Oh I forgot to mention. They ALWAYS post process a little bit. But usually they don't say "Oh I don't have to get it right...I have photoshop"
They say "I better nail it, and then I can really do some magic with photoshop."

They do levels and perhaps a plugin or two just to make it their "style".

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