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Dec 29, 2005
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so i was looking online today at some more well know photographers and couldnt help feeling overwelmed at all the genius involved im many of these artists. Do any of you have a photographer that helped mold them or someone that they have modeled their work after? it could even also be just a favorite photographer. My favorite and the most inspiring photographer for me is Ansel Adams...no contest. i look forward to hearing everyone else's opinions...
Heh... I am pretty amazed at some of the stuff I see right here on this website.

i can't offer an absolute favourite.
gritty social stuff of contemporary operators interests me mostly.

i regularly browse http://lightstalkers.org .. as massive networking of insprirational photographers on there.

http://www.artcoup.com is a regular bookmark. but there
are many such photosites that are equally consistently good.

a new picture everyday or every couple of days keeps my interest,
thats why i really like Boogie's site. if a websites folio expands less frequently i seem to forget about going back to it.
Ernie Pyle or Tim Page. When I was a photographer in the Army I studied their work a lot. Both were really good combat photographers. Glad I never had to find out how good I was.
Each photographer who has managed to make prints impressed with his/her own 'signature' should be appreciated for him/herself. It is something that has been achieved by only a very few.
I can list a whole bunch of names who have influenced me one way or the other. But if I were to really narrow 'em down, I'd end up with these two names.

Henri Cartier-Bresson
Jeff Ascough
i have shied away from becoming too familiar with any particular photographers work. I remember photographs, but never who took them
gordon parks

i try not to get too into names and such. i'm trying to develop my own style right now.
Several of my favorites are really well known, like Gene Smith and Robert Frank, but Teru Kuwayama, who set up Lightstalkers, is someone I met and had a more personal impact on me. There's also Keith Carter, who has some shots that blow me away.

A few others that I think are worth checking out are Ian MacEachern, Monika Brand, and Daniel Bayer.
Irving Penn. And the incomparable Jay Maisel. I was lucky enough to have Jay shoot down my portfolio last year. None the less he visits Jackson twice a year (for Photography on the Summit) and I always go to his lectures.

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