Fed 3 Maintenance, Care, Touch Ups, etc. - Please help!


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Feb 17, 2016
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I'd like to do a few things to cosmetically fix and maintain my camera as best as I can.

Here are the respective situations and their questions:

1. Paint color restoration: Is there a recommended "paint" or color restoration that I can use to touch up areas where the black color is gone? I see the steel color metal beneath the paint.

2. Leather reattachment: On the camera body, part of the leather or faux leather is coming off at the edges. Is there an adhesive that I can use to carefully reattach it?

3. Display vs. Storage: Should I store this nearly half century old camera away, or can I display it out in the open without too much worry to the indoor elements? I'm not particularly concerned about anything knocking it over, as it'll remain on a bookshelf. I want to leave the lens cap off.

4. Lens cap fit: It "fits" but barely. With a light touch or a slight nudge, the lens falls off. I'm not sure if it's just my camera or if the manufacturing tolerances weren't tight enough for these cameras, and so the lens falling off is an inherent issue with my camera. How does one go about making it fit snug and tight? Do I attach a thin rubber O-ring of the same diameter of the cap's inner diameter? The other solution I thought of was to somehow attach it to a "string" which gets tied around the lens' base like a noose. Or, is there a Fed 3 specific lens hood that comes with a cap of its own, or one that the original cap can fit snug to? Or, do I absolutely need a lens cap if the hood is there (= significantly less chance of damage to lens when traveling with camera)? Here's one that I found on the 'Bay that simply slips on, but I'm concerned that it won't be snug just like the lens cap:

Square Sunshade lens hood M42mm for Jupiter, Industar - FED, Kiev, Zorki, r3/3

5. Unused/Partially used film: Is it alright to leave partially used or unused, undeveloped film in this camera long term? Or, should I always be taking it out and putting it back into the tube? And, is there a particular brand and model that you all recommend for this camera?

Thanks in advance!

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