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Jan 20, 2012
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North Andover, MA
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So I had this really dark, creepy, ultra vivid dream last night and I can't get over thinking of it. It made so much sense and it seemed like a movie. Just had to vent and tell someone. Share your dreams.

So I live in a 1800's Victorian style house with really wide staircases but on the bottom floor is a modern museum. In the museum there is almost no lighting. The only light is at the end of a really long exhibit hallway and some light from the staircase is shining down.

I'm walking down the staircase and can see a tour being given and my mother is part of the tour but as the tour group is waking toward the lighted part of the hallway my mother is walking into the darkness with someone else. At the end the dark abyss of the hall are sliding doors with more dark on the other side.

The next night I walk down to the museum part of the house with my dog which happens to be an Australian Shepard dog and as I'm reaching the bottom of the stairs I see this man. He's wearing all black pants, turtle neck, blazer, and gloves. He's wearing a batman mask but it's almost like its part of his face but the mask looks melted and distorted and the eye holes are all black and he's carrying a suitcase or bag. With him is a Doberman but they're not chasing me and walking up the stairs toward me. I then turn and start walking up the stairs in haste while looking over my shoulder. I get to the top and I blank out.

The next night I go back down with my dog and get attacked by two Dobermans, just me, not my dog. As I'm fighting them off I can see a figure in the bottom floor standing and watching in the dark. Both my hands are now fully in each dogs mouth and as I'm fighting them off I start to get frustrated and then enraged. My hands turn to fist while still in their mouths and I start to roar at the dogs. I start to feel like the hulk while transforming. My eyes are like the camera of the movie but at this point the camera turns around and I can see my face enraged as if I had rabies and saliva dripping down my bloody mouth. The dogs then get scared of me and run into the dark.

The next morning I'm walking to the living room and I see my stepfather mopping a huge puddle of blood in the kitchen while my mother is cooking. I see my sisters watching a movie in the living room and I ask them what's going on as I'm looking at our front door as it has bloody fingerprints all over the locks. They tell me someone was killed but noone knows who or who did it.

In the background I here my mother calling the cops. I see two pitbulls sleeping on a couch and I go cuddle with them. When the cops arrive I find out the person who was killed was a thief known for stealing mini vans, I just happen to own a mini van.

I leave the house to walk my dog which has somehow turned into a Doberman but I don't think anything of it. I reach a house and two little kids are playing outside n my dog doesn't like kids so I turn around.

The next day im walking down the same sidewalk without my dog and i see the same kids at the same house but they're leaving with their father. Their father wears an eyepatch and says something to the little girl about a small metric knife. I get the sudden feeling that this guy killed the thief in my house. I take the opportunity to hide, wait for them to leave, and investigate their house with them gone.

I hide behind the porch in some bushes until I realize the grandparents are still home and I can see the grandmother and she is feet away from me but I try to stay still to not be spotted.

At this very moment, while in hiding and darkness from the bushes I get the sudden realization that the Doberman I was walking was my dog all along and the batman mask guy was a figment of my imagination and all along, I was the killer
They have drugs for that, you know! :) Interesting.. and cool of you to share it!
They have drugs for that, you know!.....

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