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Jan 15, 2008
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I for one, think they're better than the first roll.
note: scanning still took a lot away from them, the reason why I didnt post up a few other ones I took. But I edited them back to almost the original. Still some texture loss though. :[
I like the 4th and 5th one, but how come they are so hazey? Did you scan them in... because one of them also has lines all over it. They are nice photos though.
Yeah, i scanned them. its film so that was my only option.
I think number is pretty creative. I like the composition and the subject. I think two is boring, sorry, there is nothing special to look at in my opion. Number 3 seem very promising and it probably look better before the scan . I like the last one, I don't know what it is but it look cool =P. That's my honest opinion, have a good day.
Good angle on #3, silhouetted the trees, and got a reflection in the water too. If that's a spot near you, would love to see what that looks like as the season changes and as you get the exposures down pat (I'm a noob too, soaking up that Understanding Exposures book that everyone raves about, so my technical knowledge 'til I get all the way through it).

Really like what you're doing in #5 as well, interesting having the buddha reflected.
1 & 2 do nothing for me. They look more like tester shots. What were your intentions behind them as I'm struggling to see what you were aiming for? That's a genuine question, not an insult.

You've got a good eye, as shown in #3. Very nicely done. Looks like a pleasant winter day. About as pleasant as seeing your own breath can be. :mrgreen:

I like the composition and general feel of #4 but #5 is out of focus.
1 was a tester actually. I was messing around with exposure ect to see if i could get it right. And number two, I just thought it was cool. The sky yesterday was really blue. And the moon was still out. Thanks for the comments. :]

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