Feeding behaviour of Aves Glacis (frigorum) in the wild


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Jul 30, 2010
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Observed this new species (well, new to me) feeding on a twig. It hung around for a few days, and as soon as it warmed up, was gone.

Very nice! Those are hard to spot.. since they are almost transparent... love capture. :)
I love this...it's like a frozen penguin!
That's neat! Nice shot.
That one looks like a Chinese dragon! Woohoo! We're getting a menagerie. Wonder if anyone else will find more of these creatures?
When I saw it in the screen I was in my housecoat and slippers, standing in my snowy garden, hanging upside down because I wasn't sitting down in the snow lol..
My first thought ... holy crap! a Chinese Dragon!
My second thought ... I sure hope I'm not seeing things from all the blood rushing to my head... lol
(I can thank Bazooka for this one, without looking up his exact wording he reminded me to check from all angles even way down low... and that is exactly where this shot came from ... down low :) )

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